These FAQs will be continually updated as a result of enquiries about the National Hamfest.

Last update: 12 August 2019


Q. Can I get a bus to Newark showground?

A. There is no public transport running to the Newark Showground but taxis are available from the railway stations at a reasonable cost.

Q. What is the postcode for the National Hamfest?

A. The postcode is NG24 2NY to set up your Sat Nav.

Bring and Buy

Q. Can I download a form to fill in for the Bring and Buy

A. Yes the form is available on the Bring and Buy web page or directly from here.


Q. Can I Have an Electric Hookup if I pay for it?

A. The National Hamfest look after the Camping at the Newark Showground during the Hamfest.  We are charged for all the services used on the camping site and it makes it very complicated to sort out electricity points. Due to the complications we ask you to bring a small generator with you if you need electricity.

Q. Is Camping Available at the National Hamfest?

A. Yes, go here

Cash Points

Q. Are there any Cash Points near the Hamfest?

A. This is a list of ATM Cash Points that are located near the National Hamfest if you find yourself short of cash.

Warning: Some of these cash points charge for withdrawals.

▪     Roman Way Travel Inn, Lincoln Road, Nottingham [Charges Apply]

▪     McDonalds Drive Thru, Lincoln Road, Newark [Charges Apply]

▪     Brownhills Motor Homes, Lincoln Road, Newark [Charges Apply]

▪     Jet Interchange Filling Station, Lincoln Road, Winthorpe [Charges Apply]

▪     A & S Convenience Store, 6-8 Meering Avenue, Newark [Charges Apply]

▪     Currys Distribution Centre, New Link Business Park, Newark [No Charges]

▪     Brobot Petroleum Limited, Bowbridge Road, Newark [No Charges]

▪     Newark Northgate Railway Station, Lincoln Street, Newark [No Charges]

▪     Total UK Ltd, A46/A17 Winthorpe Roundabout, Newark [Charges Apply]

▪     Texaco Northgate, 69 Northgate, Newark [Charges Apply]


Q. Is there disabled accessibility at the National Hamfest?

A. Yes – the site is flat and mainly laid to tarmac.

Q. Are wheelchairs available free or for hire ?

A. We are sorry but we have been unable to secure the services of a wheelchair rental Company. There are no wheelchairs available for loan at the event. If you require assistance then marshals will be pleased to help.

Q. Is there parking reserved for disabled visitors? ?

A. Disabled Parking is provided for vehicles with a valid disabled badge only. It is located near the Blue Entry Gate in the main Car Park of the event. To secure a space in this area of the car park it is advised to arrive early in the day as it is not possible to guarantee space will be available later in the day.

Vehicles parked in the section reserved for disabled visitors not displaying a valid badge may be clamped and may incur a release charge.

Q. Is the Event Wheelchair Friendly?

A. Yes there are no steps, everything is on one level and there are wide aisles in the hall for wheelchairs.

Q. Are there disabled toilets?

A. Yes, there are disabled toilets in the outside toilet block and inside the George Stevenson Hall.


Q. Are Dogs Allowed at the Hamfest?

A. Only registered assistance dogs (wearing a ADI/ADUK registered coat) are allowed into the event. Due to problems in previous years no dogs are permitted anywhere within the event, both inside and outside.


In the interests of all of our visitors, smoking is discouraged. Smoking (including vaping) is not allowed inside the George Stephenson Hall in common with all public buildings.

Flea Market

Q. Can I bring my own tables to the Flea Market?

A. No, the tables are supplied and fixed. No other tables are permitted.

Q. May I reserve the same pitch for both days?

A. Yes, you can book the same pitch for both days – please discuss with the Flea Market marshals (red or yellow tabards)

Q. How many get a free pass per table at the Flea Market

A. Only one person per table will get a free pass to the event, any more in the vehicle must purchase a ticket to the event

Q. What Time Can I Set Up?

A. The Blue gate will be opened at 7:30 for access to set up the Flea Market section only. You will be restricted access and need an escort after 09:30 due to the event being opened to the public. You must be cleared up and have vacated the pitch by 18:00.

Q. When do I Pay for my Table(s)

A. Payment for the Table/s can be paid for on arrival but you can book and pay for in advance, please use the Shop menu to pre-book.

Opening Times

What Time are the Gates Open to the Public?

The gates open to the public at 09:30. The Main Hall will be open at 10:00


Q. Are Refreshments Available?

A. Catering for all needs, refreshments are available all day at the National Hamfest in the restaurant area within the hall. With tables and chairs you can sit down and enjoy refreshments, ranging from a cup of tea to a pint of beer with hot and cold food available. Outside the main hall, we have a picnic area where you can sit down and enjoy the fresh air and the smell of burgers being cooked in the Burger Van next to the picnic area. The catering is provided by a company, franchised to the showground. National Hamfest ( Lincoln) Limited are pleased to pass on any comments, but are unable to enter into any dispute with the caterers.


Q. Are there discounts for multiple ticket purchases

A. Clubs can take advantage of a 10% discount on 10 or more tickets

Q. Can I purchase tickets on the day?

A. You can purchase tickets at the entry gates as you go into the event. By purchasing your tickets Online you will have express entry into the event.

Q. Can I pay with a card at the gate?

A. Sorry it is only possible to pay IN CASH for tickets at the gate.

Q. Can I use the Ticket on Either Day?

Q. The tickets are day specific (Friday – Yellow and Saturday  –
Red) and can only be used on the day printed on the ticket.

Q. Do children pay for entry to the Hamfest

A. No, there is FREE Access for children under the age of 16. Age determination is at the discretion of the gate staff, unless proof can be given.

Q. Is There Any Reductions in Price for the Disabled and OAPs?

A. Sorry there are no reduced prices for the Disabled or OAPs all tickets are £5


Q. Can I access the Toilets before the gates open?

A. The outside toilets inside the main gate may be used at the discretion of the gate staff who will provide you with an escort.

Q. Are disabled toilets available?

A. Yes, there is disabled toilets in the outside toilet block and inside the George Stevenson Hall.


Friday 27th and Saturday 28th September 2019.

Gates open at 7:30am for Flea Market Setup and 9:30am for the general public. The George Stephenson Hall opens at 10am

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