National Hamfest 2014

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Feb 202015

Thousands of visitors descended on the Newark Showground National Hamfest 2014 was the biggest and best show ever organised by the Lincoln Short Wave club with help from other local radio clubs. Thousands of visitors descended on the Newark Showground over the two days at the end of September.

The Main Exhibition Hall

The main exhibition hall was full to capacity and resembled an Aladdin’s cave made just for radio amateurs. The event was busy both days and traders both large and small offered for sale the widest variety of components and equipment available, all in one location.

The Main Exhibition Hall 2The Main Exhibition Hall 3The Main Exhibition Hall 4

The car boot/flea market area was also very busy with visitors queuing at the gate ready to grab themselves a bargain.

Outside Flea MarketOutside Flea Market 2

The bring and buy stand was another popular attraction as were the many club stands and on demand Morse tests that ran throughout the show.

Bring & Buy Stand

GB14NH was operating throughout the rally and was run by Camb-Hams on behalf of the Club. An impressive 1213 QSOs were logged that included 65 DXCCs over the two days of operation. Visitors were encouraged to operate the station and some jumped at the opportunity, one even bringing his own Morse key.


The RSGB was out in force and well represented with numerous committee stands. Ofcom was also kept busy on both days by amateurs seeking technical licencing advice and guidance.

The RSGB was out in force

A raffle took place on both days with over 20 prizes being won. The organisers would like to thank all the exhibitors who kindly donated the prizes.

National Hamfest Raffle

Organising and running the National Hamfest is no easy task and the tireless efforts of the Lincoln Short Wave Club and other local clubs should not go unnoticed.

Vulcan Overflys the National Hamfest 2014

Months of planning goes into organising the show with preparations well underway for National Hamfest 2015. As the event grows each year, the organising committee are interested in any ideas you would like to see at the next show, please make your ideas known to

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Sep 182014

IC-7850 50th Anniversary Transceiver makes its UK Debut at Newark Hamfest 2014

icom anniversary rigCurrently celebrating 50 years of Icom Inc., Icom UK will be attending the Newark Hamfest with some special radios to celebrate this anniversary. On display will be the IC-7850 HF/50MHz 50th Anniversary Transceiver and the 50th Anniversary edition of the ID-51E D-STAR Dual Band Transceiver together.

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Sep 112014

• Kenwood – TM-D710GE (RRP £580)
• bhi -DSPKR
• Bonito – Radio Com 6.5 – Value E232 From NTI Giga Active Antenna
• Cross Country Wireless -HF Upconverter
• Czech Morse Keys -Czech Morse key
• Innovantennas -50/70 Dual bander, 3.5m long 5ele 70, 4 ele on 50MHz
• M0CVO Antennas – HW-20HP
• Mastrant -T shirt
• Moonraker – Whizz Whip Antenna
• QSLers -1000 Personalised colour both side QSL cards
• Rigexpert – RigExpert Tiny Digital Modem
• RFDesign -BBgen, Broadband 100kHz 5GHz noise generator
• RT Systems – 2 Gift certificates for RT programming software
• Sandpiper -3ele 2m beam
• Shakespeare – Indoor TV antenna & Bluetooth speaker
• SOTA Beam – Portable 6m beam

Entries – people need to complete the details on the back of their ticket and post it in the box on the RSGB stand

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Sep 242013

Two new antenna ‘healthcare’ products available at the Nation Hamfest from InnoVAntennas



 Provides a water-tight protective barrier right up to and including your feedpoint. Often premature antenna failure is a result of feed point enclosures that are not vacuum sealed. Varying temperatures means condensation and water contamination results. Stop it with and open feed point and RubbaSeal!



 A conductive grease loaded with aluminium particles for maximum conductivity and no dis-similar metal issues! Ensures maximum life and performance from any aluminium based, multi-section antenna with over-lapping joins. This anti-oxidising formula prevents joint lock-up and repels water too!

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Sep 182013

bhi new speaker for National Hamfest

The new bhi DESKTOP DSP noise cancelling base station speaker has been designed to clean up noisy radio signals, and will work with most radios, transceivers and receivers, including SDR radios and other receivers with stereo line out, giving a new listening experience. The new rotary controls make it very easy to use and set up to your own operating conditions.

The bhi DESKTOP noise cancelling speaker has a 4” bass driver and 1” tweeter, with bhi DSP noise cancelling technology built into a 10 Watt audio amplifier.  The speaker functions are microprocessor controlled with features that include: Separate rotary volume and filter level controls, stereo line-in and speaker level audio input sockets, 3.5mm headphone socket, LED and audio indication of filter function, audio level overload feature, sleep mode, noise reduction 9 to 35dB, tone reduction 4 to 65 dB, 12 to 18V DC (2.5A peak), weight 1.65Kg, dimensions 200(H) x 150(D) x 160(W)mm.

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Sep 182013

Bonito AntennaJet AAS300 Antenna Splitter for 9kHz – 300MHzantennajet-aas300-schema_kl   

Bonito’s brand new active antenna signal splitter “AntennaJet AAS300″ is splitting the signal from one antenna to 3 different receivers simultaneous. The AntennaJet has a wideband (>300MHz) and ultra low noise amplifier and can share one antenna up to 3 different receivers which can be tuned to fully different Frequencies, without switching the antenna cable or even pressing a





Mini Whip Short Wave Active Antenna 10 kHz – 30 MHz

This MINI-WHIP Antenna is one of the smallest (only about 10 cm) long, medium and short wave active antenna. It offers despite the small size, excellent reception results. Not only SWL listeners around the world, including skipper put this antenna on a boat.

Bonito TuningWheelrj10_tuningwheel

The most common argument against an SDR (Software Defined Radio or Receiver) was so far: “I need something with real buttons”. Even those who already uses an SDR / IF receiver, but every now and then longs for a VFO knob. For this, we now have a good and inexpensive solution.

The Bonito Tuning Wheel combines the advantages of an analog VFO knob with the various options of a software-based receiver such our RadioJet 1102S (also Perseus SDR etc). You get a nice knob with push button function whose Socket can glow even beautiful blue. All functions are programmable and thus even provide direct access to important settings and give you the “analog” feeling that you are missing.

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Sep 082013

It wouldn’t be the National Hamfest without the fantastic free to enter raffle. There are a number of superb prizes again this year including a Elecraft T1A portable Auto ATU that is ideal for QRP, a 4el 144MHz OWL antenna, a 2el 50MHz LFA antenna, Peak DCA Pro, FT-252E 2M Handheld and a Icom ID-31E UHF D-Star digital transceiver amongst other prizes. Our thanks to traders that have supplied those prizes.

Just complete the details on the back of the entrance ticket and post it in the box on the RSGB stand. The Raffle will be drawn at 1300hrs on each day in the main hall.

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Sep 012013

There are three transceivers 160 – 6m all mode models in the range. The ANAN10 and the ANAN100 are 10W and 100W respectively (both single receivers) whilst the ANAN100D is 100W with dual physical receivers. Each physical receiver can be opened in 7 events which means that the ANAN100D can open 14 receivers. All models offer a maximum panoramic display of 384kHz. This will later to be extended to 55MHz. Connection is via Ethernet and the mature software currently recommended is OpenHPSDR mRX, which is free to download from Apache Labs. This is currently Windows based. New software is under development in Germany known as cuSDR and a beta version is available now with just the receiver section turned on to demonstrate 10kHz – 55MHz panoramic display. This will also be available for Linux / Mac. Typical performance figures are 125dB dynamic Rex range and better than 100dB If rejection. PC requirements are 2.4GHz or more with 4GB RAM.

Apache labs anan 10 Apache labs

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Jul 302013

MCVO Mobile AntennaM0CVO Antennas are proud to announce that they have now introduced the MV-6HP, 1kW, 6 band mobile antenna to their range. All bands from 30m – 10m plus 40m and 6m when used with an ATU. This new antenna consists of a base matching unit and a 9ft (2.74m) stainless steel whip and is 10ft in height overall. For mounting it will require an SO239 mount. Visit their stand and take a look for yourself.

Sentinal SDR

Cross Country Wireless will be displaying the Sentinel SDR receiver and SDR noise measuring program that they are launching this week. The main item on display at the Hamfest will be their new Sentry HF SDR transceiver and they are planning to have the first batch ready for the Hamfest. Well worth a visit!


bhi are bringing their new desktop speaker which comprises a 4” bass driver and a 1” tweeter unit with an amplified bhi DSP noise cancelling unit capable of producing up to 10 Watts audio (peak).  It will work with most radios and receivers, including SDR radios and other receivers with stereo line out. The rotary controls on the side of the speaker make it very easy to use and set up to your own operating conditions. Get rid of noise and interference on the bands and experience a new listening experience. Surely a must for every shack.

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