Ticket Delay

July 18, 2016 g4xfc 0

Due to circumstances beyond our control the tickets are late in arriving and I am hoping to have them this week when I will start […]

Flea Market Extra

July 9, 2016 g4xfc 0

Premium location opposite the main doors the George Stephenson Hall, is being reserved for those who pre-booked their tables at no extra cost. It’s easy […]

Flea Market Changes

June 27, 2016 g4xfc 0

There are 3 three changes to the Flea Market for 2016, firstly the layout will be rows of tables end to end and you will […]

Tickets Now on Sale

June 22, 2016 g4xfc 0

The Online Ticket Office is now open for business, there is no discount this year for Early Bird tickets but you still have the benefit […]

National Hamfest Dates

June 15, 2016 g4xfc 0

Friday 30th September – Saturday 1st October Traders set up from 0730hrs on Thursday 29th September The Blue gates will be open at 0730hrs on […]

Major Update

March 25, 2016 g4xfc 0

The National Hamfest website is undergoing a MAJOR update making it more user friendly with lots more information about the event easily available from the […]