Sep 182015

At the National Hamfest we will show the latest CQ-TV Magazine.
You can join the club or check/renew your subscription.
Order items from the club shop.
Take some brochures and forms.
See ATV demonstration.
Enquire about ATV technology.

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Sep 182015

Guess the launch price of the new Gemini HF-1K Solid state Amplifier from Linear Amp and win a special limited edition Linear Amp cap.

Answers should be sent via email to by Wednesday the 23rd September .

The correct answers will be entered into the competition with the draw being made on the Linear Amp stand on Friday morning just after the unveiling of the new Amp.,

The lucky winners can collect their cap and view the new Gemini HF-1K amplifier, along with the full range of Linear Amp Amplifiers on the stand.

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Sep 162015

list of Exhibitors (This list is being update daily)
• AM Tools (18)
• bhi
• Bonito (23)
• Bowood Electronics (7)
• Cross Country Wireless (8)
• DX Shop & Linear Amp
• G8PUT Software (2)
• Ham Radio Deluxe HRD (26)
• Handy Radio (11)
• HARP Badges (14)
• Icom UK Ltd
• Innovantennas (21)
• J.Birkett (29)
• Join the RSGB
• John Dilks (16)
• Kanga Products (12)
• Kenwood UK Ltd
• LAM Communications
• LC Antennas (1)
• LUSO Super Techno
• M0CVO Antennas (4)
• Macs Cupcakes (15)
• Martin Lynch & Sons
• Marts Brackets (5)
• Mastrant (17)
• Mickeys Electronics (27)
• Mirfield Electronics (9)
• Moonraker
• Peak Electronic Design
• Peter Rodmell (25)
• Pro Whip Antennas (28)
• PW Publishing (10)
• QSL Concepts (13)
• RF Design UK ltd (20)
• RigExpert & MixW (19)
• Sandpiper
• SOTAbeams (24)
• Taylor Made RF Ltd (22)
• Tecadi
• Telonic Instruments Ltd
• Tony Mallin G1KVQ (3)
• Total Mast Solutions
• UES&S (6)
• Vine Antenna Products Ltd
• Waters & Stanton
• Westlake
• Yaesu UK Ltd

Clubs, Special Interest Groups (SIG) and Societies (Soc)
• B.Y.L.A.R.A
• DMRplus UK Group
• International shortwave league
• Lincoln Repeater Group
• LSWC Books
• March and District ARS. (31)
• Royal Signals ARS
• UKHAS (UK High Altitude Society)
UK Tesla Coil Builders
WAB Group

RSGB Books
RSGB Committees
Amateur Radio Direction Finding
Amateur Radio Observation Service
Emerging Technology

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Sep 162015

bhi will be at the National Hamfest in Newark on the 25th and 26th September demonstrating their unique range of DSP noise cancelling products. Come and take a look and get a “hands on“ feel and hear how good their noise cancelling products really are and discuss which product suits your set up. We will be offering special show pricing for the duration of the event. Go to for more information.”

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Sep 112015

THE UKHUB has an NOV for the Newark hamfest event.
MB7IHF Simplex gateway link will be on 434.475mhz 77Hz CTCSS from Thursday to Saturday evening. Give access for third party traffic to use the UKALLSTAR Linked repeater system which is linked all over the UK and with some Foreign links joining in the fun from time to time.

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Sep 082015

The DMRplus UK Group have been granted an NOV (Just for the National Hamfest) to run a Demonstration Repeater at the Show Ground Call Sign GB7HUK TX 439.600 (MHz) RX 430.600 (MHz), Colour Code 1 We will be running Hytera & Motorola Repeaters to demonstrate how both can now run together on the DMRplus Network at the time of writing there are Seven Repeaters on the plus Network Four Hytera’s & Three Motorola’s, there seems to be a lot of interest in the DMRplus Network in the UK, We are also hoping to Demonstrate the DV4Mini Dongle which at the moment only works with DMRplus Network & works with D-Star, DMRplus,& System Fusion, we are also hoping to have the New DV-Mega Dongle at the show to Demonstrate,

Please look out for us we will be just outside the Main Entrance & our Demonstration & Equipment will be inside what was the RSGB’s Fun Bus, one of our Group now look’s after this and has kindly given us a nice dry & warm corner inside( Thanks Steve M1ERS) in case of bad Weather please come and see what it’s all about & say Hi

Steve G0LCG Keeper / Sysop GB7RR
Your Local DMRplus Repeater in Nottingham

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Sep 082015

The Camping Pack which includes your tickets to the event will be given to you on your arrival at the National Hamfest site, gates will be open from 9am on Thursday the 24th of September

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