SOTABEAMS at the Hamfest

SOTABEAMS will be showcasing new firmware for their popular WOLFWAVE advanced audio processor at the Hamfest. The new firmare includes three exciting binaural modes for use on CW and SSB as well as an unusual implementation of a notch filter for use on SSB.
The binaural system makes different tones appear to come from different direction and is based on the latest research into this effect. On CW it allows signals to be differentiated by apparent direction as well as tone, while on SSB it gives a pleasant pseudo-stereo effect. As well as the standard binaural mode two experimental “fold-back” modes have been implemented where the centre frequency appears in one ear while frequencies above and below it are in the other ear. The binaural implementation is especially helpful for contesting as slightly wider RF filtering can be used making it easier to pick up “off-frequency” callers.
The new notch/bandstop system allows the user to completely remove a selected part of the audio spectrum. This facility is especially useful for SSB DXing where interference from other SSB signals and data sytems can easily be identified and removed.


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